"Satul Verde" Association
VAST VIEW – Viking Age Skills Training – Venues, Infrastructure, Engagement, Work


Type of project: LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of innovation

Náttúrustofa Vestfjarða – Iceland

Landbúnaðarháskóli Íslands (The Agricultural University of Iceland) – Iceland
Stokkar og Steinar – Iceland
Grampus Heritage & Training Limited – UK
Moorforge -UK
Bildungshaus Heideland HVHS –Germany
Ed-consult – Denmark
Asociatia ‘Satul verde’ – Romania

VAST-VIEW addresses loss of skills in traditional building coupled with the need for tangible examples of low carbon economy building techniques. Also there is a need for interactive venues to learn & teach traditional skills, (living) archaeology & heritage management. There are also old buildings that can be ‘put to work’ for best use of cultural heritage for rural jobs. The project will train multiple target groups (university students, trainees, trainers, community members, tourists) through the work-based process of reconstructing & restoring ancient buildings. The TOI will engage community members, encourage them to use existing skills & learn new skills in traditional building. The project develops a legacy of buildings for continuing VET use for other traditional skills, such as weaving, felting, woodworking & carving, blacksmithing, leather work, basketry, etc. Core partners deal with rescuing & restoring traditional buildings & teaching traditional skills in a ‘hands-on’ context. The partnership represents a geographical area spread across Europe (Iceland to Romania) linked by recognition that old building styles must be reconstructed, restored & used in order to survive.

Our actions:
In Germany, we will do a reconstruction / restoration training on the Germanic Longhouse on Kleppel Farm, Authausen .
In Iceland at Arbaer the project participants will build a Viking forge. In the UK- another Viking age forge will be constructed through the ‘Sustainable Building’ training course at Moorforge premises, with the intention to build up the UK craft centre that will be used in the future as a place for VET. The building will have a community serving function and incorporate local & sustainable materials – turf, wood & stone.

In Denmark, Ed-consult will host an e-learning meeting for Project managers from UK, Iceland, and Romania and lead the work package 6 (e-learning module) .
‘Satul verde’ Association in Romania will organize a training in building with stone, wood & clay, also in straw thatching in the village of Rimet. People from the village will be the trainers and all partners will take part and they will be “learning by doing”.
Critically, each building action uses & extends the LdV project Green Village Sustainable Building course developed in Iceland (2011).

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