"Satul Verde" Association
Awakening the Green Man-UK

The third meeting of the  “Awakening the Green Man”  project took part between 10-15 October in Cumbria, UK.The purpose of the action was to raise the participants’ awareness about the importance of forests & old trees protection.The action focused on the ash trees at Long Meg Stone Circle and those in Geltsdale wood pasture ( for more information about Geltsdale wood pasture please see  http://www.grampusheritage.co.uk/Anglo%20Dutch%20Pasture%20Geltsdale.pdf). The participants looked for the ” green man ” symbol in the Carlisle cathedral and they made “green man” faces using clay and wood.The highlight of the action was Apple Day at Acorn Bank, where the whole project was presented and a Romanian participant played the alpenhorn to the delight of the audience.12  Romanians and Germans were present together with many more UK participants.

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